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     Welcome to the new school year.  As the new District President I would first like to thank Jen Sproull for all of her hard work and leadership during her presidential term.  I’m very happy to have her and the other officers to support all that we do in District 4.  I am excited to get the new year rolling, and hope to make things with PMEA as stressless as possible for all involved.  Working with students and making peoples’ lives better through the wonderful medium of music is something we should all cherish, and keep foremost in our minds when making decisions.  I will try to do that this year and put our students first in all our discussions.  If there is anything I can do to make things better for you with PMEA this year please let me know and I will do as much as possible.  I wish all of you a terrific school year and look forward to working with the wonderful teachers in District 4.


Phil Stattel

PMEA District 4 President

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