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From Your President

 Jennifer Sproull

It is unbelievable to me that my time to serve as District 4 President is here.

Unfortunately for me, I am filling the shoes of so many wonderful music educators—some who were wonderful mentors to me as a student growing up in District 4, and others who have become esteemed colleagues.

I am truly looking forward to the next 2 years serving District 4.  We have such a unique district in the respect that I think of us much as a family, or ‘brothers and sisters in music.’  It is so amazing to see how we are there for each other—whether it is as part of our own family’s joys and sorrows, as friends, or especially when we need each other the most:  in times of crisis with our music programs.

One message that I want us to all remember is that regardless of how big or small our community or music program, it is important in the lives of EVERY CHILD.  Every choir, band, orchestra, jazz band, select choir, string ensemble—is instrumental in the development of a well-rounded individual.  I feel there are many times as music educators we are only concerned with ‘what we teach,’ rather than looking at our entire district’s program.  Do not turn a blind eye to the other musicians teaching in your building, at the elementary school, or middle school.  We are all pieces to the puzzle of music education.  Yes, in our own districts there may be very distinct variations on the philosophy of our teaching methods, but we all are ONE in music.  We need to look past our differences and know that we are all important in the big picture.  Showing your support to colleagues by attending their concerts, inviting them to conferences, or even just calling to say hello is uplifting to everyone in the district.

It is also important for each and every one of us to know our district’s programs thoroughly—because when you least expect it, the knowledge and background you took the time to do could be the difference between life and death of a portion or your entire program.

Do not hesitate to contact myself, or any of our officers with questions, problems, suggestions, or even to let us know of exciting things in your programs that we can share with the awesome individuals of District 4.  Even though we have hit some hard times in many of our districts, we still have many great things to be proud of.  And in the words of Tom Hanks from the movie A League of Their Own…

It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.

Have a great year everyone!

  Jennifer Sproull